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Reward Cards

This card is given to new Friends of Forestville members to be used when visiting Forestville Mystery Cave State Park. 

How to redeem: 

Visit Forestville Mystery Cave State Park 8 times and get your card punched at the Main Park Ranger Sation, the Mystery Cave Visitor Center and/or the Historic Site Gift Shop. Once all 8 leaves have been punched on your card, send a picture of the card to OR message the picture to our Facebook/Instagram page; with your message, be sure to include your desired prize (see below) and mailing address.

Prize Options

  • Trails Pass Holder 
  • Pen
  • 50% off Friends of Forestville Membership Fee 


This program is currently only available to NEW Friends of Forestville members. Availability to get card's punched are subject to the State Park's and Historic Site's hours of operation. Prize options are subject to change. 

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